2018 Lecture Series Begins!

January Lecture – Springville’s Historic Main Street

The new series of Springville Historical Society lectures will begin on Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00 pm at the Springville Museum of Art. This presentation will be made by Daryl Tucker, Historical Society President, and will focus on the historic buildings in the downtown area. Many of these building were originally constructed at the close of the 19th century and have housed numerous businesses during their lifetimes. This will be an opportunity for citizens new to the community to learn about the old buildings and it will be a chance for older residents to remember the people who operated the businesses and relive some moments from their past. The lectures are always free to the public and we’d love to see you there!


Aaron Johnson’s Twelve Wives – April 2017 Lecture

Floyd Miner of the Springville Historical Society will present a lecture on April 26th on “The Twelve Wives of Aaron Johnson.” The lecture will be held on the lower level of the Springville Museum of Art at 7:00 pm and is open and free to the public.

Aaron Johnson was the leader of the first group of settlers to establish a community on the banks of Hobble Creek in the fall of 1850. Aaron was also the first LDS bishop of Springville.

Mr. Miner is a direct descendant of Aaron Johnson and has done comprehensive research into what history is available on Aaron’s twelve wives. It is a fascinating look at the history of Springville as there are several generations of descendants that still make up a significant portion of families in the community. Please join us for an entertaining and enlightening evening of historical insight.

As a side note, the evening also includes the opening the the SMA Spring Art Salon at 6:00 pm. You may want to come and enjoy the art on display and meet some of the artists prior to joining us downstairs for the lecture!

Springville Historical Society March 2017 Lecture

The Springville Historical Society will be having another free lecture on Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm at the Springville Museum of Art. Our presenter this month will be Brent Ashworth, a rare books and documents collector who has spent six decades collecting some fascinating treasures. He has some great stories to share with us so please plan on joining us for a pleasant evening!

March 2016 Lecture – Chandler Scott from Tatton Baird Hatters

chandler scott

Chandler Scott will present the monthly lecture for the Springville Historical Society on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm in the Springville Museum of Art. Mr. Scott is the proprietor of Tatton Baird Hatters at 52 West 200 South in Springville. He custom builds wool and beaver hats for men and ladies using original forms and techniques. He promises to share his knowledge of hat making and some history of hattery with those who attend along with his hopes of reviving the long tradition of everyday hat wearing. Please join us for a very interesting evening and a chance to meet an artist of unique abilities.

January 2016 Lecture by Arie Noot


Arie Noot, a native of The Netherlands and World War II veteran, will be our featured presenter for the first lecture of 2016. Mr. Noot will relate his experiences during the war, including his association with the Otto Frank family of which Anne Frank was a daughter. He will also be speaking about some of his experiences contained in his personal history entitled “Gratitude Is My Last Word.” It promises to be a very interesting meeting and will be held on Wednesday evening, January 27th, in the Youth Gallery of the Springville Museum of Art. The lecture is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm.

Springville Herald Newspapers (1924-1957) Now Available Online

A recent project headed by Amber Swanson, assistant to the director of the Springville Public Library, to digitize copies of the Springville Herald Newspaper has now been published online. With a major grant from the Utah Department of Heritage and Art and additional funding and resources provided by the Springville Historical Society, Amber was able to  have the earliest years of the Springville Herald (1924-1957) still known to exist digitized and made available online at http://digitalnewspapers.org/newspaper/?paper=Springville+Herald. The articles are searchable by topic and individual’s names. The grant was made possible by the Library Service and Technology Act; Utah Digital Newspapers Project made the online version happen. The imaging/digitizing was done by iArchives in Lindon, a company owned by Ancestry.com.

The Springville Historical Society is extremely grateful to Amber for spearheading this achievement and obtaining the grant to get these newspapers digitized. There are still many years of the Springville Herald at the historical society and the library to be completed and this project will go forward as fast as funds can be raised. It is hoped that individuals in the community will step forward with contributions designated for this purpose and any such donations can be arranged by contacting members of the Springville Historical Society Board , Daryl Tucker, President – 801-427-9318 or Helen Beardall, Secretary – 801-489-6989.

2015 Lecture Series

The Springville Historical Society will be holding another lecture series on the 4th Wednesday of each month from January through May. The lectures will be given at the Springville Museum of Art beginning at 7:00 pm each of those nights. A synopsis of each lecture is shown below:

Springville Historical Society – 2015 Lecture Series


January 28th – “Beyond Martin’s Cove” a lecture by Lyndia Carter will present historical information on the surviving members of the ill-fated handcart companies following their fabled rescue. Were their trials at an end, or just beginning is a question to be discussed.


February 25th – “What will Springville look like in 2025?” This intriguing lecture will take the form of a panel discussion involving participants from the community and representatives of Springville City on a variety of issues from population growth to impacts on our local natural resources and environment.  Will we be facing apocalypse or utopia? You’d better come to find out!

Bartholomew Park

March 25th – “30 Oaks Ranch – Past and Future,” a lecture by Lois Bartholomew will lay out the history of the area now being developed as Bartholomew Park.  It sounds pretty tame, but wait until you hear the stories of deadly curves and perilous quicksand!


April 22nd – “The Chiefs of Springville” not to be confused with tribal leaders of the native American Indian populations will be a lecture on the history of the Chiefs of Police in our community since its founding. The lecture will be presented by Frank Weight who has been given unprecedented access to police department records to gather the stories for this event.

utah lake

May 27th – “Utah Lake during the 1930s” is the lecture topic to be addressed by Robert Carter, Springville resident and noted Utah Valley historian.  The lake to our west has a much more fascinating history than  you might expect. Plan on sitting in on this lecture and find out just how much you never knew about this important neighboring body of water.

Springville and the History of Water in the West



Nothing in an arid climate creates more discussion than water. Who owns the water we pay for on our monthly utility bill? Where does it come ? Who makes the rules that govern water usage and what is the future of our water supply? These and many other questions will be the subject of the Springville Historical Society’s April lecture. The lecture will be held in the Youth Gallery (downstairs) of the Springville Museum of Art on Wednesday evening, April 24th at 7 p.m. Floyd Miner has spent a considerable amount of time researching  Springville’s water history and the ramifications of water in the arid west. He will share his extensive knowledge and perhaps answer many of our questions in what promises to be a very interesting lecture.

March Lecture – A Soldier’s WWII Experiences

Keith Davis 006

F. Keith Davis will be presenting the March lecture for the Springville Historical Society on Wednesday evening, March 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Gallery of the Springville Museum of Art.  Mr. Davis served with the 16th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, part of the American forces who battled German troops across Europe during World War II. He will recount his experiences at the Battle of the Bulge and an especially moving first-hand account of  arriving at the Ohrdruf concentration camp, the first to be liberated by American forces.

This promises to be one of the highlights of this season’s lecture series and an opportunity to hear from one of the eyewitnesses to these momentous events that are part of our nation’s history.

The Springville Herald – February History Lecture

Lee Taylor searching an old copy of the Springville Herald

Lee Taylor searching an old copy of the Springville Herald

The Springville Historical Society lecture for February will concern the history of The Springville Herald. The lecture will be given by Christi Babbitt who has a personal connection with The Springville Herald as a long-time reporter and member of the Conover family who  were the publishers of the newspaper for generations. The Springville Historical Society considers its collection of  Springville Herald copies to be one of its most valuable assets. Our bound copies of the newspaper go back as far as the 1930s and document almost all of the important events that occurred in Springville and Mapleton until the Provo Daily Herald, then owner, decided to discontinue publishing The Springville Herald a few years ago.  Christi’s lecture is bound to feature many interesting historical highlights and stories about publishing a local community newspaper.