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2015 Lecture Series

The Springville Historical Society will be holding another lecture series on the 4th Wednesday of each month from January through May. The lectures will be given at the Springville Museum of Art beginning at 7:00 pm each of those nights. A synopsis of each lecture is shown below:

Springville Historical Society – 2015 Lecture Series


January 28th – “Beyond Martin’s Cove” a lecture by Lyndia Carter will present historical information on the surviving members of the ill-fated handcart companies following their fabled rescue. Were their trials at an end, or just beginning is a question to be discussed.


February 25th – “What will Springville look like in 2025?” This intriguing lecture will take the form of a panel discussion involving participants from the community and representatives of Springville City on a variety of issues from population growth to impacts on our local natural resources and environment.  Will we be facing apocalypse or utopia? You’d better come to find out!

Bartholomew Park

March 25th – “30 Oaks Ranch – Past and Future,” a lecture by Lois Bartholomew will lay out the history of the area now being developed as Bartholomew Park.  It sounds pretty tame, but wait until you hear the stories of deadly curves and perilous quicksand!


April 22nd – “The Chiefs of Springville” not to be confused with tribal leaders of the native American Indian populations will be a lecture on the history of the Chiefs of Police in our community since its founding. The lecture will be presented by Frank Weight who has been given unprecedented access to police department records to gather the stories for this event.

utah lake

May 27th – “Utah Lake during the 1930s” is the lecture topic to be addressed by Robert Carter, Springville resident and noted Utah Valley historian.  The lake to our west has a much more fascinating history than  you might expect. Plan on sitting in on this lecture and find out just how much you never knew about this important neighboring body of water.